Excellent article. Thanks Ann. Next time you write about female orgasm, please mention the first volume of my autobiography, "Unmitigated Gaul" because it talks about what you didn't, i.e., Little girl orgasms. I know that many people are terrified by the very idea. Does it really exist? Can it lead to incest? and on and on nyah nyah nyah. I raised two little girls and at about age 10, they each inquired about why it hurt "down there" when they rubbed hard. I got out the creams and lotions and explained as best I could that it was natural to touch yourself "down there". If more parents realized that children have sex lives too, the secrecy around orgasm for little girls would diminished. You are right. People might know you write about orgasm. But they never discuss it with you in any kind of detail, Is it because they never had an orgasm or because of shame? If a woman must be ashamed of having sexual fun, the whole universe is headed downstream. You have inspired me Ann. I will do a piece on Substack about this very dicey subject. Many thanks. Love, Suzanne

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