For goodness’ sake, we may be old after 60/70/80+…., but we’re not dead!

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Bravo on breaking another taboo! We are surrounded by them!

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Ms. Richardson, I picked up a vibe from your reply to a Garrison Keillor post so I thought I'd check your page. Pleasantly surprised, to say the least. I am subscribing and I noticed there is no "suggestion" to become a 'paid' subscriber as most substackers add. I am thankful for that, as well.

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Thank you for writing this. Would have loved to hear the real raunch. My lover of 25.5 years just turned 80. I've been thinking that his Protestant upbringing did much to bring shame to his mind about sex that isn't church consecrated. He married twice and wasn't about to do it again. I never thought marriage was a good deal. I heard two erotic writers two weeks ago and one said that there is a big market for older people who want to know about what is going on in other older people's sex lives. There was an episode in the now defunct NEW AMSTERDAM in which an old folk's home has to be shut down due to an STD outbreak. https://www.nerdsandbeyond.com/2022/05/20/new-amsterdam-recap-season-4-episode-21-castles-made-of-sand/ It was hysterical. I just now saw some people were disturbed by a medical show bringing up a sexual issue. OMG. What is this world coming to? I watched the 2000 movie The House of Mirth again this week. The crap women have had to exhibit to be respectable is such crap, and yet the double standards still exist. I'm almost 64. I hope to write about just how alive an 80 year old man can still be!!!

Lauren’s Sex Ed Class

An elder care facility in the area gets shut down leading to New Amsterdam having to take in its patients. Max questions them taking them all in and it’s explained that all the other hospitals in the area turned them down and New Amsterdam doesn’t have a medical director to make a choice on the matter.

Lauren goes through all the patients and splits them between doctors depending on the care they could be receiving but aren’t. All of them can’t be in the ED, so she moves as many as possible. Lauren bugs Max about being the medical director or at least acting in the interim role between doing this. Max declines but agrees to help her under the guise of a concerned citizen.

When checking all the elderly home patients out and placing them, Lauren learns one of them has an STD. She tells Lauren that she thought she had strep throat and lists other people that also have the same symptoms. After learning this, she needs to ask and check other patients from the home to see how far the STD spread and to get them treatment as it’s curable.

She runs into a patient that is offended by Lauren asking her and swears she hasn’t had sex but later almost dies from symptoms of the STD. When questioned on why she lied, she explains that the way she was raised, you don’t talk about sex, and people who had sex out of wedlock were made fun of. Even in the care home, they were, which raised concern for Lauren.

Lauren gathers all the patients from the nursing home and runs through safe sex practices. She starts answering questions the patients have. They have a good time while doing it. Lauren makes it fun so the patients want to engage in it all. Her patient from before asks a question to Lauren’s surprise.

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The music is sexy wherever it is sung, but some versions are better than others. Yes, it is on YouTube. Just put in Mass in Blue by Will Todd. I think the best version is the one by the Vasari singers, but I am sure opinions will differ. The first one which comes up is by the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and it is least good in my opinion. I think it is a fabulous piece of music - as with much music, the more you listen, the better it gets. The soprano part is very tough because it is very very high, but when she is good, it is fabulous.

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