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We all lead busy lives.

It is valuable, now and then, to take a moment out of our day-to-day preoccupations to think about something completely different.

This newsletter is designed to do exactly that. Only once a fortnight, with short pieces (800-900 words), it offers a little breather. Nothing to overwhelm.

The Granny Who Stands on her Head is the title of my book about why I like being an older woman, now 81, and is also the title of this newsletter. I subtitle it Thought for the Fortnight, in a slight homage to ‘Thought for the Day’ on BBC Radio 4.

The topics range widely – from Annunciations to orgasms. You can see a short video of me standing on my head or read many a think piece about day-to-day matters, such as travel time.

Do take a moment to read and, if you like what you see, do subscribe, comment and share whenever you feel moved to do so.

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my thoughts about living and dying and everything in-between


I just can't stop thinking about things and I love writing my thoughts down. My most recent book is about why I like being old: The Granny Who Stands on her Head: Reflections on growing older. For other books, see my webpage: www.annrichardson.co.uk.